Administrative Process

Administrative Processing is a routine request for additional information from the applicant that is required in order to obtain a visa. If the Consular Officer informed you about the requirement for administrative processing of your case, you may receive an email within 48 hours requesting the additional information required to continue with the visa application. Your case will remain in a refused status under the section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act until your information is processed and a final determination is made.

When Administrative Processing is required, it may take 120 days after your first interview for a final determination; however, in some cases, it might take longer.

  • Before requesting information about the status of your case, you must wait at least 120 days from the interview date or the submission date of the additional information requested. You can check your application status through the following link:, If the current status is “pending”, you must wait to be contacted by an Embassy representative. We appreciate in advance your patience during this process.
  • We recommend that all applicants apply well in advance of planned travel to ensure there is enough time for visa processing. Please do not purchase nonrefundable airplane tickets until you receive the final determination from the Embassy.

The Embassy will likely keep all members of family groups in administrative processing until the conclusion of the process. Once the process is complete all of your family’s passports will be sent to the ASC or DHL courier office chosen by you. If necessary, you will be contacted with additional questions.

You should not purchase flight tickets and/or assume expenses that cannot be reimbursed until after you receive your passport with a valid visa. Unfortunately, we cannot expedite administrative processing. For that reason, we suggest to start the visa application process well in advance of any potential travel.

To request your passport please contact the consular section via email at You will receive an email confirmation letting you know that your passport was sent.

Unfortunately, you are not able to travel to the United States until the administrative processing concludes and you receive your passport with a valid visa.

In order to check your administrative process status, please follow this link:, and follow the instructions. If the current status is pending, you must wait for the consular section to contact you as soon as the process concludes.

Once your administrative process has concluded your passport will be sent to the ASC or DHL courier office chosen by you. If you have the passport, an Embassy representative will contact you by phone and/or email to inform you of the steps you must follow in order to send in the passport to the Embassy.

If you were renewing your visa and an administrative process was required, you will need an in-person interview at the Embassy. Once the process concludes, an Embassy representative will contact you in order to schedule the interview date.