The Immigrant Visa Interview

Please visit the following link to learn how to prepare for your Immigrant Visa interview: INSTRUCTIONS PACKET # 4 (PDF 240KB)

On the day of your interview, all visa applicants should enter via the applicant entrance off of Carrera 50 (there are two lines – one for immigrant visas and one for non-immigrant visas). Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Your place in line will not be determined by the order you arrive. It is not necessary to arrive in the pre-dawn hours to get in line.

The following people may accompany the visa applicant to the interview:

  • Petitioner
  • Interpreters – an applicant may bring one interpreter if he or she does not speak English or Spanish well enough to participate unassisted in the visa interview
  • Special Needs Visitors – applicants may bring one person to help if they are elderly, disabled or if the applicant is a minor child applying for a visa.
  • If you have a medical or other condition requiring a wheelchair or a special accommodation, please alert the greeters/guards to your needs as you enter the building.

Due to the limited size of our waiting room and the high volume of visa applicants, accompanying persons others than those listed above, will generally not be admitted to the Embassy. Drivers, friends, extra relatives and others not specifically named above cannot be permitted to enter and will be asked to wait outside of the Embassy to meet the applicant after the interview. Attorneys will NOT be permitted to accompany anyone into the waiting room or to the interview.

Dress appropriately for the interview and for the weather. The Embassy waiting area is outside the building where there is no heat or air conditioning. You will not be allowed to bring in food or drink.  Snacks and beverages are available for sale in the waiting area.

To enter the compound, all persons must go through an airport-security type of screening. The Embassy does not provide lockers or storage bins for personal items. Any person refusing to comply with all security screening procedures will be denied entry into the compound.

NOTE: Any fees for visa services while in Colombia are only collected inside the medical clinics or within the Embassy. Neither the medical clinics nor the Embassy collect fees outside – do not pay any fees except at the cashier inside the doctor’s office, at the recommended laboratory, or Embassy.

Individuals at public notary offices, internet café’s, local hotels or other locations do not work for the Embassy or medical clinics.  For accurate information about your visa case, please contact

Remember, during the entire visa application and interview process, you must tell the truth and give complete and accurate information. If you do not, your visa will be delayed or you may be found ineligible for a visa that you may have qualified for otherwise