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Venezuela: Arrests and Detentions of Democratic Opposition and Civil Society
January 24, 2024


The United States is deeply concerned by the issuance of arrest orders and detentions against at least 33 Venezuelans, including members of the democratic opposition, civil society, former members of the military, and journalists.  Arrests without due process run contrary to the spirit of the October 2023 electoral roadmap agreement signed between the Unitary Platform and representatives of Nicolás Maduro.  We call for the end of politically motivated harassment, including attacks upon opposition campaign offices and all efforts to stifle the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people through fear and intimidation.

The United States continues to support the Venezuelan people in their desire for a peaceful restoration of democracy.  Actions that run counter to the spirit and the letter of the Barbados Agreement will have consequences.  We urge Maduro and his representatives to adhere to the electoral roadmap agreement, including by announcing a clear timeline for the 2024 presidential election, and to reinstate all political candidates.