US donates isothermal transport kits to Colombian Ministry of Health

The United States Embassy in Bogota is proud to announce a donation of isothermal transport kits so that the Ministry of Health can safely transport COVID-19 vaccines to the population of Colombia. The United States Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg, referred to this donation as “a sign of cooperation and solidarity between the United States of America and Colombia to face the global challenge of the pandemic. This donation will allow the safe transport of approximately 1.2 million doses of vaccines to the most remote regions of the country.”

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has aimed to achieve herd immunity in Colombia through the vaccination of 70% of the country’s resident population during this year, 2021. This represents an important challenge at the national and territorial level that requires, above all, a high level of coordination for the transport and delivery of vaccines throughout the country, while upholding the cold chain standards necessary for their maintenance.

Vaccines are drugs that need to be carefully transported and stored until they are given. Recognizing this challenge, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has donated isothermal packaging kits to transport COVID-19 vaccines. These kits will make it possible to maintain the cold chain of approximately 1,200,000 doses of vaccines sent from Bogotá to the different regions, ensuring their safety. Likewise, additional kits will be delivered to transport other routine vaccines to remote locations.