Applying for a U.S. Passport in Colombia – Applicants 15 years and Under

Where and When to Apply

To apply for a U.S. passport in Colombia, you MUST make an appointment.

To make an online appointment with the U.S. Embassy American Citizen Service Office in Bogota click here.

Please click here for the Consular Agency’s location and hours.

Note:  Please review the requirements (forms, documents and fees) for a complete passport renewal application (see below) before making your appointment.  If you cannot present a complete application at the time of appointment, you risk significant delays in the processing of your passport or passport renewal application.

When applying for a passport for a child 15 or under, you must use form DS-11 (PDF 97KB). Please do not sign the application until you are asked to do so by a consular official during your visit to the Embassy or Consular Agency.

All applicants must provide one recent color photo.  Each must measure 5×5 cm (2×2 inches) and have a white background. Photo labs are located throughout major cities in Colombia, as well as across the street from the Embassy. Digital photos are not acceptable.

For detailed information about fees related to American Citizen Services, please click here.

Previous passport: If you have the child’s most recent U.S. passport, you must submit it with the application. You should also bring the child’s previous U.S. or foreign passports, if available.

Photo evidence: Small children change quickly, and the consular officer may be unable to determine that your child is the same one who was pictured in his/her most recent U.S. passport. If your child’s appearance has changed significantly, please bring photos of your child at various ages since his/her last passport was issued.

Birth certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad
If the minor was born in the U.S.:  You must present an original or certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.

If the minor was born outside of the U.S.:  You must submit an original Consular Report of Birth Abroad that was issued by a U.S. embassy or consulate or an origional certified copy of the birth registration issued by a notary public in the country where the minor was born.

See the website for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to learn how to replace lost certificates of citizenship or naturalization.

All children 15 and under must appear at the Embassy or Consular Agency at the time of application.

For applicants 15 and under, both parents must consent to issuance of the child’s passport.  Ordinarily, the parents provide consent by accompanying their child to the Embassy or Consular Agency at the time of application, presenting their own photo identification, and signing the child’s passport application in front of a consular official.

If one of the parents does not accompany the child, the absent parent must submit a completed, signed and notarized Form DS-3053 (PDF 51KB), dated less than 90 days before the date of the interview, expressly consenting to the issuance of the passport.

If both parents are unable to accompany the child, EACH parent must submit a completed, signed and notarized Form DS-3053 (PDF 51KB), dated less than 90 days before the date of the interview, expressly consenting to the issuance of the passport, as well as copy of the each absent parent’s official identification document.  In the absence of both parents, the parents must also submit a separate letter authorizing a representative to accompany the minor to the Embassy interview and submit the request for renewal of the minor’s U.S. passport. The letter must state the name of the person authorized to accompany the minor, the name and date of birth of the minor, and the name of both absent parents.  One authorization letter can be submitted for both absent parents (in this case the letter must contain the original signatures of both parents), or an authorization letter can be submitted for each parent individually (again with each letter containing the original signature of the parent).

The absent parent(s) must also provide a photocopy (both sides) of his/her driver’s license, cedula, passport, or other government-issued photo identification.

The requirement for parental consent does not apply if a parent is deceased, if one of the parents or a legal guardian has full custody of the child, or if special circumstances make it impossible to obtain the absent parent’s consent. In cases where the parent is deceased, a certified death certificate must be submitted. When one parent or a legal guardian has full custody, a certified custody order must be submitted. If special circumstances make a parent’s consent impossible, a comprehensive written explanation on Form DS-5525 (PDF 43KB) signed by the appearing parent must be provided to the consular officer at the time of application.  For additional information about parental consent requirements, please review Step 7 here.

Please contact us at if you would like further guidance about the parental consent requirement.

If the child’s most recent U.S. passport was lost or stolen, you must submit Form DS-64 (PDF 51KB). If you believe the passport was stolen, you should register the loss here Please bring the printed confirmation with you when you apply for your child’s passport.

If your passport was stolen in the course of a violent crime against you, and you need immediate Embassy assistance, please see our emergency contact information for instructions on how to reach us.