Welcome to the Passport & Citizenship Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Colombia.  We provide services for United States Citizens in Colombia from our offices in Bogota and Barranquilla.


Please note:  There is no walk-in service for United States citizens who require a non-emergency service related to passports, citizenship or birth registration.  These services are by appointment only.

Passport services are NOT available on weekends, or on Colombian or U.S. holidays. The processing time for routine passport renewals is 3 weeks.

If you are traveling within the next 2 weeks, please see ” Emergency Travel”  on the right-hand side of this page for further information.  

The increase in demand may lead to longer processing times, so we encourage you to apply for your passport well in advance of your travel plans.

All applicants, including adult or minor passport renewals, require an appointment. You can make an appointment at your nearest office.

Apply for a Passport 

You can use the DS-82 (PDF 84KB) form if ALL of the following are true:

Your Most Recent U.S. Passport:

  • Is undamaged and can be submitted with your application;
  • Was issued when you were age 16 or older;
  • Was issued within the last 15 years;
  • Was issued in the exact same name as your previous passport or you can legally document your name change with original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or the government-issued document evidencing your legal name change under federal or state law.
  • If you answered NO to any of the above statements, you are not eligible to use Form DS-82. You must apply in person using the DS-11 application form.

If you are applying for a passport for the first time after age 16, or if you are unable to present a prior 10-year passport (e.g. your last passport was lost or stolen), you are not eligible to use Form DS-82. You must apply in person at the U.S. Embassy in Bogota or Consular Agency in Barranquilla with a DS-11 application form.

Third-Party Submission of Form DS-82

If you do qualify to renew your passport with Form DS-82 and are unable to attend the appointment yourself, you may arrange for a third party (including a courier, friend, or family member) to submit your passport application at the U.S. Embassy’s American Citizen Services office in Bogotá or at the U.S. Consular Agency in Barranquilla.

The application submitted by the third party must include:

  • A complete DS-82 form, signed and dated by the applicant;
  • One passport photo;
  • The original passport of the applicant;
  • The required fee payment (which will be made in-person at the consular section cashier); and
  • A written letter from the applicant authorizing the third party to apply on their behalf (this letter must include the original signature of the applicant but does not need to be notarized).

Applicants must make an appointment in the name of the third party. Please instruct the third party to review the Embassy’s policy on access and prohibited items.

Please note that if you choose to use a third party to complete your passport renewal, the U.S. Government takes no responsibility and is in no way liable for the actions of the third party.

All minor children, including newborns and infants, must have their own U.S. passports.

All children under age 16 must appear in person with appropriate documentation and with both parents.  Parental consent and signatures are mandatory for passport issuance for minors under age 16 and for renewals.

For instructions, required documents, and steps for applying for a minor’s passport, please visit  

Need a first passport for your newborn child?  Please visit our Consular Report of Birth Abroad and First Passport webpage.

If one or both parents cannot attend, the DS-3053 is required.  Form DS-3053 “Statement of Consent.”

Both parents/guardians must authorize the issuance of the child’s passport. The best way to do this is for both parents/guardians to go with the child in person to apply for the passport.

What if both parents/guardians cannot appear in person? 

To report a Lost or Stolen Passport, please follow the instructions here 

If you have upcoming travel and you need to apply for an emergency passport, please follow the instructions here

In cases of emergency (if your trip is within 10 business days) the Office of American Citizens Services at the Embassy in Bogota or the Consular Agency in Barranquilla may issue an emergency passport valid from 90 days up to a maximum of one year, at the Consular officer’s discretion. Every person that is requesting an emergency passport must do so in person regardless if they are a minor or an adult. 

Submitting your application at the Embassy in Bogota: To submit your application for a limited passport at the Embassy in Bogota, you can walk-in (no appointment needed) Monday to Friday, between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. In addition to all the requirements, you must submit your itinerary as proof of your imminent travel.

Submitting your application at the Consular Agency in Barranquilla: To submit your application for a limited passport at the Consular Agency in Barranquilla, click here. The service hours and delivery times of the Consular Agency in Barranquilla vary from the Embassy in Bogota. In addition to all the requirements, you must submit your itinerary as proof of your imminent travel.   *** Our Barranquilla office does not accept walk-ins, you must make an appointment – Emergency passports are not ready the same day in Barranquilla, delivery of Emergency passports takes 5 business days***

How will I receive my passport?  
We return new passport, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, or any other document by courier service.   Please note that the courier service (DHL) requires a postal code for your address in Colombia to ship your citizenship documents.  You can significantly reduce your waiting time if you come prepared with the postal (zip) code for your address in Colombia.  You can find your postal code in Colombia here.***

How long does it take to receive a passport? 
The process takes between 10 to 15 working days.  Overseas passports are expedited and you cannot pay to get your passport any sooner.  If you need a passport for emergency travel sooner than 10 to 15 working days, please visit here .

Can I travel to the U.S. while waiting for my passport?  
The U.S. Embassy has an obligation to verify that U.S. citizens only have one valid passport in their possession at any time. You can choose to travel with your current passport (if still valid) during processing, but you will have to return that passport to the U.S. Embassy (either in person or by mail) for cancellation prior to issuance of your new passport.  If you are a dual citizen, you are supposed to enter and exit the U.S. on your U.S. passport.  You should not enter or exit the U.S. with your Colombian or other passport.

Can I renew my passport before the expiration date? 
Yes. You may renew your passport at any time.

Does my passport need to be valid for six months or longer to travel? 
You may use your U.S. passport for travel to and from the United States within the validity date displayed on the passport.  Other countries vary.  Review Consular Information Sheets  for each country’s entry requirements.

Can I change my name on my passport? 
Yes. Visit for more information

Do I need to provide a Social Security number on my passport application? 
Yes. 22 U.S.C. 2714a and 22 C.F.R 51.60(f) requires you to provide your Social Security number, if you have one, when you apply for a U.S. passport or renewal of a U.S. passport.
If you fail to provide the information, you will encounter a delay in processing and/or denial of your passport application.  You will also be subject to a $500 penalty enforced by the IRS pursuant to Section 6039E of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 6039E). All questions on this matter should be directed to the nearest IRS office.

If you would like to apply for a U.S. passport, and you don’t have a Social Security number, you will need to submit a statement, signed and dated, which includes the phrase, “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the following is true and correct:  I have never been issued a Social Security number by the Social Security Administration.”

Where can I renew my passport in person? 
You can renew your passport in Bogota or in Barranquilla.
Click here to make an appointment in Bogota  –  Click here to make an appointment in Barranquilla

I require special assistance 
Please email  prior to your appointment if you will need special assistance

I have another question not listed here 
Please email with any additional questions or concerns.


A consular officer may require additional documentation from the one mentioned above. In such case, you will have 90 days to bring or send by registered mail the pending documents. The application is considered abandoned after 90 days and you will have to reapply and pay again.