American Citizen Services Fees

Fees are payable in cash (U.S. dollars or Colombian pesos), by credit card or U.S. debit card at the U.S. Embassy or Consular Agency in Barranquilla on the day of your appointment.
Checks and Colombian debit cards are not accepted.

American Citizen Services Fees:

Notary Services: $ 50.00 USD per notary signature
Passport ADULT RENEWAL – (you must hold a 10 year validity passport): $ 110.00 USD
Passport ADULT FIRST TIME – age 16 and over applying for the first time  (even if you’ve had passports as a minor) or when previous passport is not available to present to the consular officer: $ 145.00 USD
Passport (CHILD, 15 years old or younger): $ 115.00 USD
Consular Report of Birth Abroad $ 100.00 USD
Passport Card adult (16 years old or older) $ 30.00 USD
Passport Card minor (15 years old or younger) $ 15.00 USD
Emergency passport (fees are the same as above) $110, $115 or $145 USD, depending on the applicant’s age and if the applicant has their most recent passport.


 These fees do not include the mandatory delivery fee of your passport, CRBA or passport card.
*** Delivery service is mandatory for passports and U.S. documents. Effective June 1, 2019 – You will have to pay $19.200 COP. with cash or credit card to the DHL representative in our officer on the day of your appointment —
Please click here for processing time and delivery.