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Statement on U.S.-Colombia Partnership to Combat Terrorism
January 21, 2020

The United States thanks the Government of Colombia for hosting the Third Western Hemisphere Ministerial on Counter Terrorism.  We congratulate Colombia and the Duque administration for its leadership in adopting the United States’ and the European Union’s designations of international terrorist groups, including Hizballah.  We understand the Colombian government will continue to include the so-called FARC dissidents (FARC-D) on their list of terrorist groups due to their criminality, terrorist activities, and rejection of peace.  The U.S. designation of the FARC remains the same.

The United States joined our partners in Colombia and from throughout the region in solemnly commemorating the one-year anniversary of the brutal ELN bombing of the General Santander Police Academy in Bogota.  We mourn the 22 promising cadets who were killed and recognize the sacrifice of the 87 others who were injured. We stand with Colombia and our regional partners to protect our hemisphere of freedom from such terrorist organizations and illegal groups.

Together, our nations can combat terrorism by cutting off funding and the illicit activities of regional and global terrorist organizations like Hizballah, which is a threat to both our countries and to the region.  We must remain united in supporting a democratic transition for the Venezuelan people, and countering the safe harbor the Maduro regime has given to the ELN, to FARC dissidents, and to Hizballah supporters and sympathizers.

The United States commends the Duque administration for its regional leadership on counter terrorism, and we remain committed to supporting Colombia’s efforts to secure just and lasting peace, security and opportunity for its people.