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Statement on the U.S. – Colombia Partnership
June 11, 2020

The United States and Colombia share a long history of cooperation, through presidential administrations and across political party lines in both countries. Our relationship is based on a foundation of shared responsibility, values, and objectives, as well as mutual respect for each nation’s sovereignty.

Over many decades, our collaborative efforts have promoted peace and security in Colombia and throughout the region, all while upholding bilateral and multilateral agreements. U.S. security and law enforcement institutions have shared expertise with the Colombian military and police, and Colombians have joined U.S. personnel to train and assist counterparts in other countries, including through humanitarian missions. The Colombian and U.S. governments are working hard to achieve ambitious counternarcotics goals that benefit the people of both countries, and we work together against illegal organizations that benefit from drug production and threaten citizens in both countries.

Beyond security cooperation, the United States has supported Colombia in its efforts to promote rule of law, strengthen rural development, provide aid to Venezuelan migrants, address the COVID-19 pandemic, support human rights, and bring about the peace that the people of Colombia deserve. We are honored to work shoulder to shoulder with our Colombian partners for the mutual benefit of all our citizens.