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Statement by Ambassador Philip S. Goldberg
January 26, 2021

With the passing of Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Colombia has lost a great patriot, leader, and statesman. The United States has lost a close friend and ally. Personally, I am deeply saddened by the loss of a friend and colleague of tremendous talent, intelligence, and concern for humanity.

In our frequent travels with Minister Trujillo and his teams to the farthest corners of Colombia, we saw his dedication to a peaceful, prosperous, and inclusive Colombia. He was committed to doing the hard work of building peace throughout this country. His efforts to reduce narcotrafficking and increase citizen security helped to create economic opportunity in the Colombian countryside and in its cities, and they strengthened connections with the global community. Minister Trujillo played a key role in organizing members of the Lima Group and in marshaling support for the Venezuelan people who sought refuge in Colombia. We share his enormous respect for the men and women of Colombia who are dedicated to that work.

With a partner like Minister Trujillo, Colombia and the United States were able to work together closely and make important advances in military interoperability – something that has paid great dividends for our citizens through disaster relief, medical care for vulnerable communities, and combatting terrorism.

Without a doubt, Minister Trujillo will leave a legacy of achievement and partnership. We mourn this day alongside all Colombians.