Statement from Ambassador Kevin Whitaker

The U.S. Government holds all of its employees to the highest standards of conduct at home and abroad.  These standards of course apply to the members of the U.S. Mission in Colombia.  If an individual fails to adhere to this standard, the Mission conducts an investigation of the case, in cooperation with Colombian authorities when appropriate.  If the individual is found to be responsible for misconduct, s/he is held accountable for his/her action.

In the few cases when members of the U.S. Mission in Colombia  have faced credible allegations of sexual misconduct, the Embassy has worked closely with Colombian authorities to uncover the facts of each case and take appropriate disciplinary action.  The U.S. government takes any allegation of sexual misconduct by its personnel very seriously.  We have and will continue to fully cooperate with Colombian authorities when and if such allegations occur.

Let me be clear: the U.S. Government and I, as U.S. Ambassador, have no tolerance for this kind of misconduct.