Semana Santa Public Health Restrictions 

March 25, 2021

Location: Colombia  

Event: Nationwide Public Health Restrictions  

The U.S. Embassy continues to monitor the rapidly changing conditions due to COVID-19 in Colombia and in other locations worldwide. The most current information regarding the impact of COVID-19 may be found at our COVID Information Page.   

New Nationwide Public Health Restrictions 

Colombian President Ivan Duque has announced that due to a recent increase in COVID-19 cases, many cities will be subject to public health restrictions beginning Friday, March 26. 

The Colombian government has mandated the following restrictions, which depend on the occupancy rate of local intensive care units. For information on your city’s specific restrictions and ICU occupancy rate, consult local media and the Colombian Ministry of Health website. 

For cities with ICU occupancy of 70% or higher 

  • Pico y dula restrictions: Customers with an ID or cédula ending in an even number will be allowed into grocery stores, banks, and other businesses only on odd days and vice versa. Restaurants, hotels, and pharmacies are exempted.
  • Nightly curfew: Complete restriction on movement from 10 pm to 5 am nightly, from March 26 to March 29 and again from March 31 to April 5.  

For cities with ICU occupancy 50% or higher 

  • Nightly curfew: Complete restriction on movement from 12 midnight to 5 am nightly, from March 26 to March 29 and again from March 31 to April 5. 

Local governments can take additional, more restrictive measures. You should monitor media reports for more specific information in your area. 

Further Information  

  • Consult the CDC website for the most up-to-date information.  


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