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Regulations to Enter the Embassy Compound
February 13, 2018


Note: Every adult (age 16 or older) that visits the embassy should bring two forms of photo ID (passport, identity card, driver’s license). You must leave one ID with security personnel and the other ID you must present to the consul at the moment you submit you application. The identification you present to the consul should preferably be the passport and/or driver’s license and it must be valid.

Prohibited Items

The following items are strictly forbidden inside the embassy. The Embassy does not have the facilities to store these items. We ask all our visitors to leave these items at home, and/or arrange for storage outside the Embassy.

  • Electronic devices, including: cell phones, computers, cameras o CD/MP3 players, flash drives (USB).
  • Luggage or big bags, such as: travel luggage, backpacks and briefcases.  Only transparent plastic bags containing documents relating to your application will be admitted.
  • Food or drinks.
  • Sealed mail, such as envelopes or packages that have not yet been opened.
  • Flammable materials or tobacco, such as lighters, matches, cigarettes o cigars.
  • Sharp objects, such as: scissors, knives or nail files.
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind.

However, the Security Personal at the Embassy may prohibit other items at their discretion.