Recent Explosions in Bogota

The U.S Embassy informs U.S. citizens of explosions in Bogota on August 31 and August 23.  On August 31, the police conducted controlled detonations of suspicious packages in BanColombia offices in the areas of Parkway (Calle 36 and Carrera 20) and La Granja (Calle 80 and Carrera 76).  On August 23, there were three explosions in Cafesalud and Salud Total offices in various locations in Bogota.

On both dates, there were fliers in the vicinity claiming responsibility by the “Movimiento revolucionario del pueblo” (Revolutionary People’s Movement), which professes to be against both President Santos and former President Uribe’s positions on the upcoming peace referendum.

The U.S. Embassy has no information regarding specific threats against U.S. citizens in Colombia, but explosions occur throughout Colombia on a regular basis, including in Bogota.  In the period leading up to the October 2 referendum, there is the potential for demonstrations as various interest groups demonstrate in favor of and against the peace accords.  U.S. citizens should monitor local news and avoid the vicinity of any explosions, protests, or demonstrations.