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Passport Services
Apply for or renew a U.S. Passport

The U.S. Embassy is coming to Bucaramanga!

To further assist U.S. citizens in Colombia and Venezuela, staff from the office of American Citizens Services will be visiting Bucaramanga, Santander on May 31, and June 1, 2023.


Our simple Passport Wizard will assist you in determining your passport eligibility and the documentation needed to apply.

Routine passport and nationality services are by appointment only. To make an appointment in Bogota click here and for an appointment in Barranquilla click here.

Adult passport renewals (applicants using a DS-82) do not require a personal appearance and can be submitted by mail. For more information, click here

The processing time for routine passport applications is 8 to 10 weeks.

If you are traveling within the next 5 business days, please read ” Emergency passports” for additional information. click here.

Passport services are not available on weekends or holidays.

Do You Know What Type of Forms You Need?

If you already know which forms to complete, you can:

  1. read our important passport information which provides guidance for applying locally,
  2. go directly to our forms page at eforms.state.gov and enter “Passports” in the search field,
  3. visit our appointment website to schedule an appointment at one of our locations, or
  4. get specific passport guidance info on Travel.State.gov.