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Alert: Travelers to Colombia No Longer Require COVID-19 Test Results
November 6, 2020

Location: Colombia

Event: Travelers to Colombia No Longer Require COVID-19 Test Results

As of November 5, travelers arriving to Colombia are no longer required to obtain a negative COVID test to enter the country. However, passengers must complete Migracion Colombia’s Check-Mig immigration form and follow other protocols upon arrival. This includes reporting to the Colombian Government any flu-like symptoms that occur within 14 days of arrival in Colombia. Personal biosecurity measures such as masks are required in airports and on flights. For further information, see the Colombian Health Ministry announcement and COVID-19 information page.

Please monitor media reporting and official announcements from the Colombian government for details and updates to these requirements.

Important Information for Travelers to the United States:

Due to current travel guidelines in the United States, individuals with U.S. visas who have been in Brazil, China, Iran, the United Kingdom (excluding overseas territories outside of Europe), the Republic of Ireland, or the Schengen Area within 14 days prior to the flight will not be allowed to board flights to the United States. U.S. citizens, Legal Permanent Residents, and their immediate family members who are returning home after visiting travel-restricted countries may still reenter by going through a process for enhanced medical screenings at specially designated airports. For the most current information regarding COVID-19, the May 24 Presidential Proclamation, and its impact on travel to the United States, please visit www.dhs.gov and www.whitehouse.gov.

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