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Major Non-NATO Ally
March 11, 2022

Colombia and the United States enjoy a strong military-to-military partnership.  We look forward to further strengthening our cooperation under the leadership of our two countries.  President Biden has announced he will notify the U.S. Congress of his intent to designate Colombia a Major Non-NATO Ally, a required step before formal designation.

Designation as a non-NATO ally is a decision made by the President of the United States that provides a long-term framework for our security and defense cooperation.  It reinforces the strong bilateral defense relationship between the United States and Colombia by helping support aligned defense planning, procurement, and training.

Some of the advantages of Major Non-NATO Ally status include eligibility for collaboration on the development of defense technologies; access to the U.S. defense industry; and joint military exchanges, exercises, and trainings as well as special access to military equipment financing.