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Legal Assistance
January 19, 2018

“The U.S. Embassy Bogota, Colombia assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by the following persons or firms.  Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy. Neither the Department of State nor the U.S. Embassy can serve as your legal representative. However, any other services or assistance that you may require from the U.S. Embassy is not conditioned upon engaging an attorney from this list. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information in the list on professional credentials, areas of expertise and language ability are provided directly by the lawyers. This list is not comprehensive, and you are free to engage an attorney of your own choice, whether or not that attorney appears on this list. We encourage you to conduct your own research before hiring a legal professional. You may receive additional information about the individuals by contacting El Consejo Superior de la Judicatura.”

Archipiélago de San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina

Rada & Correa Abogados       
Address: Carrera 1 # 4B-08 of. 205, Ed. Bahia Fragata San Andres, Isla
Mobile: (57 8) 5128657/58/59/60, (57) 311 236 6824
E-mail: fcorrea@sol.net.co, correafernando@hotmail.com, fcorreaabogado@telecom.com.co
Fields: Family law, labor, commercial, contracts, foreign investments, civil, damages, immigration. Firm can provide services of a certified translator, court reporter/stenographer or notary.
Languages: English, Spanish, Creole of San Andres Island.

Jose Manuel Gnecco Valencia
Address: Avenida Circunvalar, Kilometro 8 + 225
Phone number: 57 310 794 5574
E-mail: jmgneccov@yahoo.com
Fields: Civil law, Family,  Commercial, corporations, contacts, labor relations, aeronautical/maritime,  transportation,  estates,  immigration , damages, criminal law, insurances,  auto/accidents.
Languages: English, Spanish.

Barranquilla / Department of Atlántico

Donaldo Del Villar Delgado
Address: Carrera 57 # 99a-65 Oficina 610 Centro Empresarial Torres del Atlántico
Phone number: 575) 344-9823
Mobile: (57) 310-630-4863
E-mail: ddelvillar@donaldodelvillar.com
Members of the Firm:  Donaldo Del Villar Delgado
Fields: Auto-accidents, narcotics, damages and criminal law.
Languages: Spanish.

Daniel Moreno Villalba Abogados
Address: Carrera 52 # 72-114, Oficina D-52
Phone number: (575) 331-5273
Mobile: (57) 310-633-3599
E-mail: damorvi@metrotel.net.co, damorvi@att.net
Fields: Family Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Marriage/Divorce, Business Law, Estates, Marketing Agreements, Civil Law, Damages
Languages: Spanish, English.



Bogotá, D.C. / Department of Cundinamarca

Abusaid Gomez & Asociados
Address: Calle 100 # 8A – 55 Torre C, oficina 207
Phone number: (57-1) 616-0199
Mobile: (57) (314) 290-5025
E-mail: jose.abusaid@abusaidgomez.com
Webpage: www.abusaidgomez.com
Members of the Firm: Jose Abusaid Gomez.
Fields:Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporations, Banking/Financial, Foreign Investments, Taxes, Marketing Agreements
Languages: Spanish, English

B&B Abogados                
Address: Calle 74 # 10-33, Oficina 701
Phone number: 57-1- 7589435, 57-3008663987
E-mail:  jcbolanos@bybabogados.net
Website: www.bybabogados.net
Fields: Patents/Trademarks/Copyright, Penal Law, Labor Relations
Languages: Spanish, English.

Brigard & Urrutia Abogados
Address: Calle 70A # 4-41
Phone number: (571) 346-2011
E-mail: info@bu.com.co, amorales@bu.com.co
Website: www.bu.com.co
Fields: Commercial Law, Contracts, Transportation Law, Insurance, Corporations, Banking/Financial, Foreign Claims, Property, Taxes, Marketing, Government Relations, Civil Law, Labor Relations, Immigration, Vehicle/Accidents, Damages
Languages: Spanish, English, French.

Duque, Kelley & Associates
Address: 8180 NW 36th Street, Suite 220, Doral Florida 33166
Phone number: (57-1) 426-3975
Mobile:  (57) 305-613-2328
E-mail: cduque@dhvisa.com, carlos@duquekelley.com
Website: https://duquekelley.com/
Fields: Immigration Law
Languages: Spanish, English.

Chávez- Herrera & Morano International P.A.
Address: Calle 99 # 7A- 51 Of. 202
Phone: (57-1) 7810201
Mobile: (57) 311-457-9962 (57-1) 7810201
E-mail: herreramorano@herrera-morano.com.co; herreramorano@gmail.com
Fields: Civil, family law, child custody, parental child abduction, child protection, marriage/divorce, insurance, commercial/business law, foreign investments, civil law, damages, commercial law, contracts, corporations, aeronautical/maritime, labor relations, immigration and auto/accidents.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Data & TIC Consultores S.A.S
Address: Carrera 7 # 26-20, Oficina 2301
Phone number: 57-1) 210-6666, (57) 301-204-9528
E-mail: rafael.gamboa@dataytic.com
Website: www.dataytic.com.co
Fields:Collections, Commercial Law, Contracts, Transportation Law, Marriage/Divorce, Corporation, Insurance, Aeronautical/Maritime, Banking/Financial, Foreign Claims, Commercial/Business Law, Foreign investments, Marketing Agreements, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Civil Law, Auto/Accidents
Languages: Spanish, English, French.

Envesta S.A.S
Address: Calle 90 # 14-26 Of. 401 Bogota 110221
Phone number: 57-1-601-7800
Mobile: 57-310-329-9562
E-mail: info@envesta.co, monicaordonez@envesta.co
Website: www.envesta.co
Fields: Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporations, Insurance, Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Foreign Investments, Taxes, Marketing Agreements, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Labor Relations, Civil Law, Immigration
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian.

Godoy Cordoba Attorneys at Law, Member of Littler Global.
Address: Carrera 7 # 71-21 Torre B Oficina 303
Phone number: (57-1) 317-4628
E-mail: info@godoycordoba.com
Website: www.godoycordoba.com
Fields: Commercial/Business Law, Labor Relations, Immigration
Languages: Spanish, English.

Jurislegal S.A.S
Address:Calle 90 # 12-45 Of. 602
Phone number: 1-4674557, 314-888-4292
E-mail: jurislegal@jurislegal.com
Website: www.jurislegal.com
Fields: Commercial/ Business Law, Contracts, Corporations, foreign investment, Marketing agreements, Patents/trademarks/Copyrights, Taxes, Labor law.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Lloreda Camacho & Co. Abogados.
Address: Calle 72 # 5-83, Piso 5
Phone number: (57-1) 326-4270
E-mail: lloreda@lloredacamacho.com
Website: www.lloredacamacho.com
Fields: Insurance, banking/financial, commercial/business law, foreign investments, patents/trademarks/copyrights, civil law, contracts, transportation law, corporations, aeronautical/maritime, estates, taxes government relations, labor relations, immigration
Languages: Spanish, English.

MD Mosquera Abogados
Address: Carrera 14 # 127-A-48, Office 402 / Carrera 8 # 15-40, Office 1202
Phone number: (57-1) 696-9229; 696-9230; 341-3668; 286-6338
Mobile: (57) 310-803-8133;  310-803-8123
E-mail: info@mdmosqueraabogados.com, eduardo.samek@mdmosqueraabogados.com
Website: www.mdmosqueraabogados.com
Fields: Family Law, Marriage/Divorce, Commercial/Business Law, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Sanitary Registrations, Labor Relations, Notary Procedures
Languages: English, Spanish.

Parra Rodriguez Abogados S.A.S.
Address: Carrera 9 # 74-08 Oficina 504
Phone number: 57-1) 376-4200, 57-316-521-7943
E-mail:bernardo.rodriguez@pralaws.com, pra@pralaws.com
Website: www.pralaws.com
Fields:Commercial Law, Contracts, Transportation Law, Corporations, Aeronautical/Maritime, Banking/Financial, Foreign Claims, Commercial/Business Law, Estates, Foreign Investments, Taxes, Government Relations, Patents/Trademarks/Copyright, Labor Relations, Civil Law, Immigration, Damages
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French.

Posse, Herrera & Ruiz Abogados
Address: Carrera 7 # 71-52, Torre A, Oficina. 504
Phone number: (57-1) 325-7300, Fax 325-7313
E-mail:hr@phrlegal.com, diana.torres@phrlegal.com
Website: www.phrlegal.com
Fields: Merge & Acquisitions, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Labor and Immigration, Tax Planning and International Commerce, Financial law and Capital Markets, Dispute Resolutions, Natural Resources and Energy, Environmental Law, Real Estate Projects and Trusts, Infrastructure and PPPs, Insurance. , Intellectual Property
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese.

Quantum Consulting Colombia
Address: Calle 113 No. 7 – 45, Of. 1210
Phone number:(57) 310 329 7741, (57) 310 329 7741
Mobile: (57) 310-329-7741
E-mail: jroa@quantumcolombia.com
Website: www.quantumcolombia.com
Fields: Immigration law.
Languages: Spanish, English.                                            

Rodriguez, Rincón, Ugeh & Associates
Address: Calle 96 # 10-29, Oficina 402
Phone number: (57-1) 618-1493
Mobile: (57) 300-336-9681
E-mail: info@rrulegal.com
Website: www.rrulegal.com
Fields: Commercial/Business law, Immigration, Family law.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Sanclemente Fernández Abogados, S.A.
Address: Carrera 9 # 69-70
Phone number: (57-1) 310-0555, (57) 321-242-1963
E-mail: info@sfa.com.codsa@sfa.com.co
Website: www.sfa.com.co
Fields: Litigation, environment, aviation, labor, immigration and tax law.
Languages: Spanish, English, German.

Address: CALLE 51 Nº 3C-63 Bogota D.C
Phone number: (1) 9261224, 310-7678857
Fields: Criminal Law
Languages: Spanish, English.

Bucaramanga / Department of Santander

Muñoz Serpa Abogados
Address: Calle 35 # 25-37, Torre A, Apt. 303
Phone number: (57-7) 632-2307, 645-1325
Mobile: 315-385-4398, 312-353-6788
E-mail: munozserpa@hotmail.com
Fields: Civil, marriage/divorce, Family Law, Contracts, Business Law, Property, Patents/Trademarks/Copyright, Taxes, Civil Law, Labor Relations
Languages: Spanish.

Cali / Department of Valle del Cauca

Alzate Castaño, Humberto
Address: Carrera 4 Oeste # 1-65 Oficina 13-03
Phone number: (57-2) 396-3088, (57) 315-273-4901
E-mail: halzatec@hotmail.com
Members of the Firm: Humberto Alzate.
Fields: Marriage/divorce, family law, insurance, commercial/business law, foreign investments, marketing, agreements, patents/trademarks/copyrights, civil law, damages, commercial law, contracts, estates
Languages: Spanish, English.

Ayerbe Abogados
Address: Calle 7 Oeste # 2-63 Barrio Santa Teresita
Phone number: (57-2) 892-6717, Fax 892-6772, (57) 315-563-5219
E-mail: rayerbesr@ayerbeabogados.com
Website: www.ayerbeabogados.com
Fields: Commercial/Business Law, Foreign Investments, Civil Law, Contracts, Corporations, Estates, Labor Relations.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Posso Escobar, Gustavo Adolfo
Address: Calle 11 #4-34, Of 817, Edificio Plaza de Cayzedo
Phone number: 3909436, 315 5706829
E-mail: gusposso@hotmail.com
Website: www.gustavopossoasesorias.com
Fields: Family law, child custody, marriage/divorce, commercial/business law, civil law, damages, commercial law, contracts, corporations, estates, taxes, labor relations, auto/accidents.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Cartagena de Indias / Department of Bolivar

Cordoba & Associates S.A.S.
Address; Carrera 2 #11-41 Oficina 2004 Bocagrande
Phone number: (57-5) 674-5633; (57-5) 6602545
Mobile: (57) 315-344-6999
E-mail:jorge.cordoba@cordobaassociates.com, cordoba.associates@gmail.com
Fields:Commercial Law, Contracts, Transportation Law, Insurance, Aeronautical/Maritime, Foreign Claims, Commercial/Business Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Damages
Languages: Spanish, English.

Nicolas Pareja & Asociados Abogados SAS
Address: Carrera 3 No. 8-06, Edificio Montelíbano, Oficina 501 Bocagrande.
Phone number:(57-5) 665-6329;  655-1876,
Mobile: (57) 314-581-3585; 310-657-2851
E-mail: npareja@np-asociados.com
Website: www.np-asociados.com
Fields: Commercial/Business Law, contracts, Foreign investments, marketing agreements, Civil law, criminal law, damages, transportation, corporation, maritime, taxes, labor relations, immigration, auto/accidents.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Luz Elena Rebolledo de Romano
Address: Isla de Manga, Callejón Porto # 25-47
Mobile: (57) 310-610-1772; 301-795-7663
E-mail: luzel8@yahoo.es
Fields: Civil, labor and family law.
Language: Spanish, English

Velez-Benedetti Lawyers and Consultants     
Address: Centro, La Matuna, Edificio Banco Popular Of. 1302
Phone number: (57-5) 66440140, (57) 315-318-3764
E-mail: ernesto@velezbenedetti.com
Website: www.velezbenedetti.com
Fields: Family Law, marriage/divorce, commercial/business law, foreign investments, patents/trademarks, copyrights, civil law, commercial law, contracts, corporations, estates, taxes and immigration law. Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian.

Manizales Department of Caldas

Asesoría Especializada en familia
Address: Calle 20 # 22-14
Phone number: (1)845-415-0116
E-mail: asesoriaespecializadaenfamilia@hotmail.com
Fields:Family law, adoptions, Child custody, parental child abduction, child protection, marriage, divorce, immigration. Firm may take cases in Barranquilla
Languages: Spanish, English.

Medellin / Department of Antioquia

Molina Diaz & Abogados
Calle 56 # 47-14 Oficina 301
Phone number: (57-4) 2932700; Fax (57-4) 2515530
E-mail: moldi@une.net.co
Website: www.molinadiazabogados.com
Fields: Criminal Law.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Parrado Ochoa, Holguin & Cia Abogados
Cra. 25 A 1 -31 Parque Empresarial El Tesoro El Poblado Medellín Antioquia
Phone number: (57 4) 3228667
Mobile: (57) 310-8318482.
E-mail: abogadosensucasa@hotmail.com, parradoabogados@outlook.com
Fields: Family law, adoptions, child custody, parental child abduction, child protection, marriage/divorce, Insurance, commercial/business law, foreign investments, marketing agreements, civil law, criminal law, damages, commercial law..
Languages: Spanish, English.

Rada Attorneys at law
Carrera 40A # 11B-54 Office 1004
Phone number: (57-4) 268-2435
Mobile: (57) 311-7693976
E-mail: lawyerscolombia@yahoo.com
Website: www.lawyerscolombia.com
Fields: Family Law, Adoptions, Child Custody, Parental Child Abduction, Child Protection, Marriage/Divorce, Banking/Financial, Commercial/Business Law, Foreign Investments, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporations, Foreign Claims, Estates, Immigration.
Languages: Spanish, English.

Popayan / Deparment of Cauca

Luis Hernando Andrade Rios-Abogado

Address: Carrera 8 # 2-44, Office 312 Edificio Hormaza
Phone number: (572) 824-1810; 824-0783
Mobile: (57) 311-532-7410
E-mail: luisandrade28@hotmail.comlhandrade@une.net.co
Fields: Marriage/Divorce, Patents/Trademarks/Copyright, Damages, Contracts, Property, Government Relations, Labor Relations

Languages: Spanish.

Tunja / Department of Boyacá

Heraclio Fernandez Abogados
Address:Cra 12 # 127-85 (Bogota), Calle 20 # 10-36 Of 407 (Tunja)
Phone number: 57-6277927, 315-363-7321, 57-8-7423011
E-mail: heracliofs@yahoo.esufernandez@hotmail.com
Members of the Firm: Heraclio Fernandez,  Ulises Fernandez Rojas, Gabriel Fernandez Rojas.
Fields: Family Law, Property, Insurance, Government Relations, Civil Law, Vehicle/Accidents, Criminal Law.
Languages: Spanish, English.