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Instructions for Voluntary Departures
May 4, 2022

 Voluntary Departures 

Required Documents:

1.One of the following DHS/ICE forms:

Original and copy of the form given to you by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) at the time of your departure from the United States. Check that the form includes the DHS or ICE address.

I-392 Notification of Departure of Alien (Bonded)
I-294 Warrant of Deportation
G-146 Voluntary Departure form
I-210 Voluntary departure and verification of departure

2.Proof of travel dates:
Plane ticket or boarding pass for your flight departing the U.S.

3.The passport used to exit the United States:

Two copies of the following pages of your passport:

  • Back cover (where it shows a red number),
  • Biographic page,
  • Pages showing entry/exit stamps and visas.

Please note:

  • There is no cost for this process.
  • You must appear in person; we cannot verify your departure electronically.
  • As part of this processing you will receive a copy of the documents you presented to the Consular Section.
  • If you paid a bond in the United States, you must wait for the original G-146/I-392/I-94 form to be processed by DHS (the average time is three to six months). At that point, if you have questions, do not contact the Embassy, but rather the DHS office where the bond was posted.
  • This interview does not serve as a visa application; its sole purpose is for you to present before a U.S. Government official to verify your presence in Colombia.

If you meet the requirements please visit our Visa Navigator, choose the Non Immigrant Visa option, and click on “Voluntary Departures – Deportees”, and send us an email with the required information.