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Fulbright Program
February 13, 2018

Graduate Study Grants Offered Through the Informational and Cultural Section of the United States Embassy

The Fulbright program is the official student exchange program sponsored by the Information and Cultural Section of the U.S. Embassy. It includes the following:

a) Fulbright/LASPAU

b) Fulbright/IIE, and

c) Humphrey.

Applications for the Fulbright IIE and LASPAU programs are considered in the American Embassy in March of each year.

The first two grants are designed for graduate level students wanting to obtain a Masters in the United States in the areas of humanities, social science, economics, business management, and education. The study of health sciences is not covered by these grants. The duration of the grant is two years, excluding pre-academic and intensive English course work.

A. FULBRIGHT/IAIPU and FULBRIGHT FOR UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS (LASPAU): The programs provide assistance to those pursuing Masters level studies in the United States with outstanding academic capacities and dedication to the fields of science, technology, teaching and research.

The goal of the FULBRIGHT/ITAIPU program is to provide academic training resources to professionals interested in Engineering, Computer Science, Environment, Agricultural Science, Science and Natural Science, Biotechnology and Public Administration.

The goal of the FULBRIGHT/UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS is to provide training resources to university-level learning institutions in their teacher development programs. The program places emphasis in the areas of social science, humanities, economics, business administration, and education. Outstanding candidates in other fields of study (excluding the health sciences) are also considered. The program selects professors nominated by Colombian universities that intend to teach in the sponsoring universities and that demonstrate academic and personal characteristics guaranteeing their positive contribution to the sponsoring graduate program.

B. FULBRIGHT/IIE: Like the Fulbright/LASPAU grants, these are university graduate grants for students pursuing a Masters in the areas of social science, humanities, economics, business administration, and education. Exceptional candidates from other fields of study (excluding the health sciences) are also considered.

The applicants should score a minimum of 580-600 points on the TOEFL exam. In addition, GRE scores and undergraduate grades are considered in the selection process.

Both grants, Fulbright/LASPAU and Fulbright/IIE, award each grantee a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, textbooks, medical insurance, and in some cases, intensive English courses.

Requirements: University Degree, Colombian Citizenship, Colombian Residence.

C. THE HUBERT H. HUMPHREY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM: These are graduate grants for professionals from developing countries in the middle of their professional careers in order for them to complete one year of study in the United States. This program is designed to establish strong links between North American citizens and their professional counterparts in other countries.

These grants are competitive and designed principally for professional candidates dedicated to public service in both public and private sectors. The areas from which grantees are selected include natural resources; environmental conservation; public policy analysis and public administration; economic/agricultural development; finance and banking; human/personal resources; urban and regional planning; public health policy and administration (with emphasis on educational programs concerned with the prevention and treatment of drug addiction; technological policy and administration; educational planning; and communications and journalism.

Knowledge of the English language is a must, and a TOEFL score of 580-600 is required. Additionally, the applicants should have a minimum of five years professional experience.

Other than the grants mentioned above, others exist that become available on a periodic basis.

For further information on the above programs, visit the following websites: