RFP PR6539281 SCO15017R0014 Solicitation Package – CHAIN LINK FENCE FOR SHOOT HOUSE

The INL Section has a requirement Chain Link Fence for Shoot House Pijaos, Colombia, as per attached request for quote.

Closing date and time:  November 2, 2017 16:00 hours

All questions and quotes shall be sent by email to: gomezol@state.gov

Attached documents:

  1. Attachment 1:  Specifications (PDF 193KB)
  2. Attachment 2: Price proposal (PDF 95KB)
  3. Attachment 3: Drawings (PDF 853KB)
  4. Attachment 4: Bonds and Insurance (PDF 133KB)
  5. Attachment 5: Firm and Project Information Questionnaire (PDF 161KB)
  6. Attachment 6: Past Performance Questionnaire (PDF 166KB)
  7. SAM Registration Instruction (PDF 5MB)
  8. Cover Letter (PDF 320KB)
  9. SF-1442 (PDF 83KB)
  10. RFP (PDF 423KB)
  11. SF30 Cover Page changed (PDF 42KB)
  12. Questions and answers (PDF 128KB)