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Demonstration Alert: U.S. Embassy, Colombia, May 4, 2021
May 4, 2021

Location: Colombia

Event: The U.S. Embassy is aware of continuing demonstrations, unrest, and disruptions throughout Colombia. Some areas, especially major cities such as Bogota, continue to experience significant protests, and in many cities these demonstrations have resulted in looting and vandalism. Protests have blocked major thoroughfares to and from airports and cities. In Cali, there are reports of shortages of basic supplies such as gasoline and food. Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport in Cali has resumed flights as of 9:40 am today, May 4.

If you are in one of the affected areas, please use increased caution during this time. Avoid crowds and demonstrations, and consider contingency plans in case of extended shortages. If you are traveling to an airport or intercity by road, you should anticipate delays and consider rescheduling travel. If you must travel, plan your routes and alternatives carefully. These disruptions could continue for the next several days.

We are monitoring the protests and will provide relevant information as needed. While most protests remain peaceful, large crowds confronted by police or anti-riot forces may turn violent rapidly. If you need assistance, please contact us by phone or email; see details below.

Actions to Take:

  • Avoid protest areas.
  • Monitor local media for updates.
  • Avoid crowds and demonstrations.
  • Keep a low profile.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.