Demonstration Alert: U.S. Embassy, Colombia

Location: Colombia 

Event: The U.S. Embassy is aware of continuing demonstrations, unrest, and disruptions throughout Colombia.  The National Strike Committee is calling for the “occupation of capital cities” on May 26 and May 28, 2021 throughout Colombia.  Wednesday, May 26 is expected to be the largest of the mobilizations with marches and sit-ins being called from the municipalities to the capitals of each department.  The purpose of these mobilizations is to promote the negotiations between the population and government.  The following cities and locations are expected to be affected:  


  • Parque Nacional – 0900 
  • Monumento de los Heroes 
  • La Victoria Church, Gucamaya, La Bombonera Park – 1000 
  • 20 de Julio – Transmilenio Station 
  • Exito 1 de Mayo 
  • Avenida 1 de Mayo and Carrera 10 
  • Portal de las Americas 


  • May 26:  SUDEB announced a caravan starting at 0800 hours from the entrance to El Pozon with a caravan to Magangue.  The teachers and Momposina depression will also join at the port. 
  • May 27: SUDEB scheduled a caravan that will depart at 0800 hours from the municipality of Santa Rosa de Lima and will end in Soplaviento. 

 In other cities, the marches are expected to be concentrated in the main squares. 

Protests and disruptions may continue for the several days. Traffic continues to be adversely affected with unexpected road closures throughout the city. There have been reports of major routes leading in and out of the city being blocked. Expect frequent delays and detours. 

We are monitoring the protests and will provide relevant information as needed. While most protests remain peaceful, large crowds confronted by police or anti-riot forces may turn violent rapidly. If you need assistance, please contact us by phone or email; see details below. 

 Additionally, be advised that the nationwide demonstrations continue to impact other parts of Colombia not addressed in this notice. 

 Actions to Take: 

  • Avoid protest areas. 
  • Monitor local media for updates. 
  • Avoid crowds and demonstrations. 
  • Keep a low profile. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings.