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Complex Crimes
February 19, 2018

In this area, JSRP provides intensive specialized training and technical assistance to prosecutors, investigators, judges and Colombian forensic experts in complex crimes like:

  1. Public Corruption
  2. Money Laundering
  3. Asset Forfeiture
  4. Terrorism
  5. Drug Trafficking
  6. Sex Crimes
  7. Computer Crimes
  8. Kidnapping
  9. Homicides
  10. Organized Crime
Sex Crimes

In the area of sex crimes, JSRP has provided extensive support to the GRUPO ELITE DE DELITOS SEXUALES or GEDES (Sex Crimes Elite Group), a specialized unit that was created in 2008 to investigate sex crimes and identify sexual predators in Bogota, Colombia. Since its inception, the unit has captured over 75 sex offenders and many more are being investigated. JSRP has mentored the GEDES’ success through training and donations, and by encouraging change in their case investigative response and the protocols they use. To promote these changes, JSRP has sponsored courses, taught by technical advisors from the Department of Justice, that include crime scene processing of trace and biological evidence, the integration of hospitals, clinics and medical personnel into the investigative process, the use of the DNA CODIS database, advanced interview techniques, forensic interviewing of children, crime scene analysis and processing, anatomy, criminal predator tendencies and advanced investigative techniques.

Besides providing classroom instruction JSRP has also supported the GEDES in developing a task force type team investigative concept, through which the prosecutor and investigative unit work seamlessly. It has also guided the Attorney General’s Office in the adoption of a “cradle to grave” case approach that requires only one prosecutor to handle the case from start to finish. Furthermore, JSRP donated the creation of two victim and witness interview rooms, complete with audio and video recording capabilities, and enforcement vehicles that provide investigators reliable transportation to attend to victims and ensure timely arrival at crime scenes.


To assist the Colombian government in the area of kidnapping between 2001 and 2006 JSRP, with the help of the FBI, trained all members of the Colombian Gaula groups. The Colombian Gaulas were created in 1996 to combat kidnapping and extortion in Colombia. The structure of the Gaulas consists of highly trained personnel from the DAS, CTI, Fiscalia, Police, Navy and the Colombian Army. Currently, Colombia has twenty eight Gaula groups.

Homicide Unit

In addition, JSRP helped restructure the Homicide Unit in Bogota. As part of its work on behalf of the victims of homicide cases, through the CAV, JSRP recognized that the low rate of case resolution by the Unidad de Vida (hereinafter, “Homicide Unit”) was affecting the CAV’s ability to provide results to its victims. After conducting an evaluation of the reasons behind the Homicide Unit’s low productivity, JSRP designed a restructuring plan that joined two homicide units into one with a sole supervisor.

The result has been a remarkable increase in productivity, in all areas, in just six months. The unit as a whole is filing accusations and resolving cases at the rate of one per day, the rate of plea agreements has doubled, and they are achieving one conviction per day.

The Homicide Unit’s efforts were recognized in October 2010, when it was nominated by the Commission on Judicial Excellence for its innovation in specializing prosecutors and its increased productivity in just a few months.