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Alert: Reintroduction of Pico y Cédula Policy
December 28, 2020

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Event: Reintroduction of Pico y Cédula Policy

Citing high municipal rates of COVID-19 transmission and infection, the mayor of Bogotá has reinstated the pico y cédula policy for the city of Bogotá, effective 12:00 midnight on Monday, December 21, 2020, through 11:59 pm on Friday, January 15, 2021. Under this policy only one member of each family may leave the home for shopping, banking, and any other services or errands. Businesses will allow entry to individuals based on the last number of their ID according to the following guidelines:

  • On odd-numbered dates, people with IDs ending in even numbers may enter.
  • On even-numbered dates, people with IDs ending in odd numbers may enter.

Exceptions under this policy are allowed for those in need of health care, pharmacy services, funeral services, and any legal or financial service that requires the presence of two or more people. Enforcement of this policy lies with each business establishment, and acceptable forms of ID may vary from one business to the next.

Visit the website for the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá for additional information on pico y cédula.

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